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THIRD GRADE 2018-2019

For your convenience, please send in the following supplies on the following days:

Wednesday 9/5

*Ten (10) black and white marble notebooks. NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS, please

* 7 pocket folders labeled (pockets on bottom, not on side)--put name/class on each

*2 packages of already sharpened pencils (they come in a box sharpened)-Ticonderoga are favored

*1 pack of pens (blue or black)

* 1 pack of gel pens--purple/green

* One box of colored pencils/crayons (no more than 24 crayons)

* 1 4-pack of Glue sticks

* Pencil case-soft one/no hard plastic

* one pair (1) of safety scissors

Thursday 9/6

* All Ziploc baggies

* 2 boxes of tissues

* 2 rolls of Paper towels

* One pair of Earbuds/Headphones to use with laptops

Friday 9/7

* 5 packages of lined or unlined Post-Its--various sizes

* 1 ream (package) of copy paper

* One recent photo of your child

* Black Sharpies(black) (1 package each of thin/thick)

Wednesday 9/12

* USB drive (no larger than 16GB)

* 2 containers of Lysol antibacterial cleaning wipes

* 1 ream (package) of copy paper

* 1 package of looseleaf paper

Thursday 9/13

* One bottle of hand soap (Last name A-M)/

* One bottle of hand sanitizer(Last name N-Z)

* 1 ream (package) of copy paper


I am looking forward to meeting all of you on the first day of school. Please make sure to look closely at the supply list above. Do not overload your child with supplies. Have a magical summer!